Rules & Regulations

Genera l: 
The Playing hours will mean such hours of play as are fixed by the committee from time to time, Club hours will mean such hours of the day and night as are fixed by the committee from time to time for the club. The Club will remain open dialy for use by members and their eligible guests. Guests will mean any person other than a member of the club who may be brought in and introduced to the club by any member of the club. Playing guest will mean a person invited on any day to play any game on any general playing day.

Playing days and hours : 
Subject to Authority of committee to close any or all playing activities in the interest of the club. The playing activities will be open to the playing members for the play all Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays as the committee may from time to time announce by a notice on the notice board of the club. The hours will be decided by the committee. The committee has discretion at all times to declare any shuttle court and tennis court unfit for play at any hours if damage is likely to result from such play. Players will never monopolies a court like shuttle or tennis or table tennis or Billiards table. After set is completed the players taking partials in the events of other players waiting to play immediately vacant the court. Singles once commenced may be finished at fresh. Singles shall not be commenced if another player is willing to join in at tennis and shuttle courts.

Swimming Pool : 
The pool will remain open for members and Guest Between 5.00 am to 8.30 am and 4.00pm to 8.30 pm. No Member will be allowed on Monday to the Swimming Pool. such day is ment for cleaning of pool. Every Member or Guest should enter to into the Swimming Pool with swim dress code. The Member or Guest should take Shower priar to enter into the swimming Pool.

Open Air Theatre : 
In a Month every Second and Fourth Sunday a movie will be screened from 6 pm to 9 pm. only the Members and their Family members are entitled to view the Movie.

Walking Track : 
The club has consist 250 mt. walking track with volley ball court and Cricket pitch available for Members and General Public.

Children Park : 
The Children park is meant only for the Member childrens recreation there are Merrighoran, Seasaw, Swing saw, Towers Slide etc are available.

Student Members : 
Student members are entitled to all playing facilities enjoyed by playing members. They shall enjoy such other facilities as may be determined by the Committee from time to time. Playing hours are restricted to two hours. They can however play after the scheduled time if courts are available. They are to take prior consent of any committee member present.

Guests : 
The right of admission of any person as a guest either for playing tennis or for other purposes is reserved bye the Committee and no person shall be introduced unless he is otherwise considered as eligible to become member or an associate of the Club. Members are requested to ensure signing the Guest Register at the time of introducing Guest and write full name of the guest being introduced. The Guest book is available with the Bearer on duty. The Guest does not introduce another Guest. The Club member children should not introduce Guest.
Playing Guests :
A member is allowed introduce guests to play on any general playing day. He shall be charged with guests fee. There will be no play of any game during the period of open tournaments held under the auspicious of the club.

Indore Games : 
In Indore games are game which the club may be in position to provide shall be allowed to be played as far as possible through out the year. The Committee will fix the hour of play.

Gymnasium : 
Free for members, Guests charge will be collected from the Guests. The Gym will remain open 6 am to 9 am and 5 pm to 8 pm.

Playing Cards : 
The Members and their Guests can play cards in the allotted Rummy rooms between 11am to 10pm.

Bar :
The Committee will make necessary arrangement for the Bar for convenience of the members. Bar will remain to open 11 am to 11 pm the last drink time is 10.30 pm. No Children below the age of sixteen shall be brought or remain in around the club bar.

Dress : 
Casuals are Permitted.

Probition for bringing outside eatables:
Members will not bring food from outside for consumption in the Club premises.

Catering food etc : 
Members can obtain breakfast, lunch, dinner, food, beverages for themselves and for their guests from the Club. For arranging large parties members will be required to give at least 1 days advance notice but the Committee reserves the right of refusla if such party or parties cannot be arranged. Kitchen timings are 7.00 a.m. to 10.30 p.m. The last order for Food and Snack will be taklne at 10 pm and there will be no catering service after 10.30 pm. If any parties are to be conducted comprising of 100 members or so, at least 3 days advance Order is to be placed to the Kitchen In-Charge. If any parties to be conducted comprising of 20-25 members or so, 1 day advance Order is to be placed to the Kitchen

Booking for Parties : 
For arranging large parties, members are be required to give at least 3 days advance notice through an application addressed to the Secretary. The Committee at tits sole discretion will inform the member through a letter regarding granting permission but the Committee reserves the right of refusal if such party or parties cannot be arranged. The charges will be decided by the Executive Committee of the Club on discussion with the concerned member.

Telephone : 
Members using the telephone will be charged at the rate to be fixed by the Committee from time to time.

Loss or damage to Club property : 
Any loss or damage to Club property caused by a member or his guest shall be charged for.

Suggestions : 
Members are requested to note in the “Suggestion Book” suggestion which they consider beneficial to the Club.