Bhimavaram Town named after Chalukya Bhima-1with one of the oldest Saivait Temple of Lord Someswara, of famous ‘Pancharamas’. It has strong spiritual, historical, philanthropic and patriotic roots for the present array of culture fusing in perfect Harmony.

Bhimavaram Town is centrally located and is the heart of West Godavari District. It is the Paddy/Rice bowl for the State of Andhra Pradesh in particular and it is the Granary of the South and to the entire Nation. The rice milling industry of the Town is second to none in the entire country.

Its historic importance dates back to the period of Jains and one of the oldest Jain Temples, where in the idols of Parswanadh and Adinadh, which have been excavated and installed at Peda Amiram Village, a hamlet of Bhimavaram Town. It is the center for the spread of many a religious cults and with all its religious shrines in perfect unity and harmony.

Apart form agrarian importance, of late this town has gained a place in Prawn and Aqua Culture and has got world wide connections, with poultry forming gaining momentum, and has become one of the exporting centers of Egg & Fish to Calcutta and other parts of the Nation. Thus, being an industrial center with economic prosperity and agricultural surroundings, contributes to the economy of state and the country, make this town to reckon within our country.

It is a center for Tourism and world famous tourist resort known as ‘Kolleru Lake’ is nearby. Birds from different parts of the world migrate to the lake in the winter. The lake attracts many a bird watcher (Ornithologists) from all over the world. The Jain Viharas which are nearby constitute another Tourist attraction.

The ‘Prakruti Ashramam’ located in the Town is only one of its sort, with its nature cure appliances and techniques. Mahatma Gandhi planned his stay here and the national leaders and stalwarts like Morarji Desai, Moulankar underwent treatment here.

As a part of economic development of the area, we must make a note of O.N.G.C. operations in the Godavri Basin with its findings of Natural Gas and Oil in and around Bhimavaram Town. We are sure that these findings will result in great economic uplift of the area and the Nation.

Bhimavaram Town has developed into a great seat of learning, with it s innumerable educational institutions with different faculties. Most of the institutions have earned the name as mini Universities.

This town is known for its cultural tradition and activities. The famous annual celebrations of Thyagaraja Gana Sabha and many a Sahitya Parishads and an Art Academy are the foremost among them.

Bhimavaram is acclaimed as second ‘BARDOLI’ as most of the National movements have sprung up from here. A famous freedom fighter, Sri Alluri Sitarama Raju, who fought against the British Regime, like Katta Bomman of Tamil Nadu, is born in nearby village, Mogallu.

Bhimavaram is connected by road, rail and air to all major cities. It has two railway stations (Junction and Town stations) and a bus station with a depot with several fleet of buses. It has train facility connected to metropolitan cities, such as Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kolkota and connected with a train to temple city “Tirupathi”. Bhimavaram town is connected to two nearest Air-Ports situated at Gannavaram(Vijayawada) and Rajahmundry.

Last but not the least, the Club life of this place is a matter of great solace and recreation, and Cosmopolitan Club of Bhimavaram is most attractive of them. Its mammoth structures constructed amidst attractive scenic beauty make it a worthy place to dwell. The Urban and agrarian and rural environment which can be tasted by each of us are having diversity in unity and unity in diversity emerging in a remarkable and unprecedented conglomeration of cultural affinity.