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Bhimavaram Town named after Chalukya Bhima-1with one of the oldest Saivait Temple of Lord Someswara, of famous ‘Pancharamas’. It has strong spiritual, historical, philanthropic and patriotic roots for the present array of culture fusing in perfect Harmony.

Bhimavaram Town is centrally located and is the heart of West Godavari District. It is the Paddy/Rice bowl for the State of Andhra Pradesh in particular and it is the Granary of the South and to the entire Nation. The rice milling industry of the Town is second to none in the entire country.

Its historic importance dates back to the period of Jains and one of the oldest Jain Temples, where in the idols of Parswanadh and Adinadh, which have been excavated and installed at Peda Amiram Village, a hamlet of Bhimavaram Town. It is the center for the spread of many a religious cults and with all its religious shrines in perfect unity and harmony.

Apart form agrarian importance, of late this town has gained a place in Prawn and Aqua Culture and has got world wide connections, with poultry forming gaining momentum, and has become one of the exporting centers of Egg & Fish to Calcutta and other parts of the Nation. Thus, being an industrial center with economic prosperity and agricultural surroundings, contributes to the economy of state and the country, make this town to reckon within our country.

It is a center for Tourism and world famous tourist resort known as ‘Kolleru Lake’ is nearby. Birds from different parts of the world migrate to the lake in the winter. The lake attracts many a bird watcher (Ornithologists) from all over the world. The Jain Viharas which are nearby constitute another Tourist attraction. 

The ‘Prakruti Ashramam’ located in the Town is only one of its sort, with its nature cure appliances and techniques. Mahatma Gandhi planned his stay here and the national leaders and stalwarts like Morarji Desai, Moulankar underwent treatment here. 

As a part of economic development of the area, we must make a note of O.N.G.C. operations in the Godavri Basin with its findings of Natural Gas and Oil in and around Bhimavaram Town. We are sure that these findings will result in great economic uplift of the area and the Nation.

Bhimavaram Town has developed into a great seat of learning, with it s innumerable educational institutions with different faculties. Most of the institutions have earned the name as mini Universities.

This town is known for its cultural tradition and activities. The famous annual celebrations of Thyagaraja Gana Sabha and many a Sahitya Parishads and an Art Academy are the foremost among them. 

Bhimavaram is acclaimed as second ‘BARDOLI’ as most of the National movements have sprung up from here. A famous freedom fighter, Sri Alluri Sitarama Raju, who fought against the British Regime, like Katta Bomman of Tamil Nadu, is born in nearby village, Mogallu. 

Bhimavaram is connected by road, rail and air to all major cities. It has two railway stations (Junction and Town stations) and a bus station with a depot with several fleet of buses. It has train facility connected to metropolitan cities, such as Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kolkota and connected with a train to temple city "Tirupathi". Bhimavaram town is connected to two nearest Air-Ports situated at Gannavaram(Vijayawada) and Rajahmundry. 

Last but not the least, the Club life of this place is a matter of great solace and recreation, and Cosmopolitan Club of Bhimavaram is most attractive of them. Its mammoth structures constructed amidst attractive scenic beauty make it a worthy place to dwell. The Urban and agrarian and rural environment which can be tasted by each of us are having diversity in unity and unity in diversity emerging in a remarkable and unprecedented conglomeration of cultural affinity.

Someswara TEMPLE

Someswara TEMPLE :

History of Lord Someswara Temple- Shrine (Sthala purana of Lord Someswara Temple) :
Someswara or Bheemeswara temple, Gunupudi Bhimavaram in West Godavari District is one of the five famous 'Aaramas' (five famous Holy shrines of Lord Shiva) in Andhra Pradesh.. It is now known as Someswara. Here Lord Shiva manifested himself as Lord Someswara. The legend is that once the Devathas (good spirits) were defeated by the Rakshasas (demons or evil spirits) by the name 'Tarakasura'. The Devathas (good spirits) then got frightened and went to Lord "Maha Vishnu" for help. Lord Vishnu told them that Taarakasura was a great Shiva bhaktha (worshipper of Lord Shiva) and a devoted worshipper of Lord Shiva.

Lord Vishnu advised the Devathas (good spirits) to go and pray to Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva heard the pray of Devathas,(good spirits) also told them, that it would not be possible him to kill Tarakasura. Because he was a great Shiva bhaktha (worshipper of lord Shiva). Finally Lord Shiva deputed "Kumaraswami" (Murugan or Karthekeyan, one of the sons of Lord Shiva) lead the army of Devathas (good spirits) for a fight with Tarakasura. Kumaraswami (Murugan or Karthekeyan, is one of the son of Lord Shiva) also found himself unable to deal with Tarakasura (demon or evil spirits). Once again they go back to Lord Shiva and pray to him for Succor. Lord Shiva then told the Devathas (good spirits) that Tarakasura being a great bhaktha (great worshipper) that carried "Shivalinga" (Lord Shiva in the form of small statue). In his own throat and his very life was in the Shiva Linga. Hence he suggested that if they could break that Shiva Linga, Then Tarakasura would die.




charitra in english
Yamadharma raja. We know about him. He is the judge in the narkha lokam. He will punish people who were very bad, doing bad things in their life or bad people by karma. So we feel very fear about him. In all living beings on the earth only some very rare living beings pray heartily for him. Snake and dog only find his surrounding when he came to take athma of dead people to the earth. But what is the relationship between yama and srishakthieswara swami?

Lord Siva is known as arudhra. Lord Shiva is glorified as the Supreme Lord. He is ashes lover. He gives life to a living being. When the life come to end he is the first person who takes our athma. After then only athma goes to the hands of yama. By our karma. He will follow the instructions of lord Siva only. So people of 99% were fear about yama and his punishments.

Once a time. yama feels very bad & deject about his works. So he prays to lord Siva about this matter. Lord Siva replied to yama please listen carefully. I shall tell you a very wonderful secret what will go on “after you killing a devil you come to me and you will put me in a great place and pray as god”. So all people will feel you as” yama means not only punishing people (athma). But also he gives a great way to people to cure a very dangerous disease’s of the people.

On this, we are going to know a great history of yanamadurru sri parvathi sametha sri shakthieswara swami”. Lord Siva is in reverse position in human body structure (in yoga) and with his wife parvathi devi in her hands 3months child as kumara swami. In one place. (eka petam with her family).

“Yanamadurru” when we hearing this name, every people telling that ‘lord Siva is in reverse in position’ this name is popular in now a days ….yanamadurru is in bhimavaram (mandal), west godavari district, Andhra Pradesh. It is 5 k.m. to bhimavaram by k.g.r.l. collage road. Here threthayuga’s temple has been found out when digging a water tank in 100 year’s back. They find out swami statuette (figure). Its looks like lord Siva is in reverse position in human body structure (in yoga) and with his wife parvathi devi in his hands 3months baby as kumara swami. In one place. (eka petam with her family). It means lord Siva is there with his family. Shakthieswara is one of the name of lord Siva. We can see this name in Siva (namavali) here he is with parvathi devi because of that he is calling here sri parvathi sametha srishakthieswara swami. Generally where ever we see lord Siva is in lingam shape (rupam).only in Tamilnadu state in Chennai city. at T. nagar, Agsthyaeswara swami is in body structure although there is a difference in between two.


Long ago, Yanamadurru (village) is called as yamunapuram in thousands of years back. This place is ruled by yamadharma raja. In this place there is a dangerous devil (rakshesha). His name is sambirudu. He is very dangerous and bad. He is disturbing & devastating the yoga’s & pujas of munnindra’s. So they went to yamadharma raja and asked him to kill the devil. But already yama has been defeated so many times in the hands of sambira. So yama started with devotedness prayer (tapassu) for lord Siva to get the power to him to kill the devil. But lord Siva is in yoga. He didn’t find prayer’s of yama. But parvathi devi has seen the prayer of yama. And she impressed the prayer of yama’s and she gives a great power to yama. With the help of parvathi devi’s power. yama killed devil sambira. Yama feel so happy when he kills Sambira. yama Really proud & obeisant to the help of parvathi devi and he felt “I did this work only the greatness of paravathi devi. To this great victory, he put a name to this place as yamapuri as victory symbol (after changed into yamunapuram, yanamadurru). He pray to lord LORD SIVA, PARVATHI DEVI

Hye lord… you must came and settle her in this place then only in future there is no chance to devils to step here or come around this place. Parvathi devi impressed yama’s prayer and agreed to come to this place with her husband lord Siva with out disturbing her yoga (diksha) lord Siva is in reverse position and with his 3 months child kumara swami. She came with her family and settled here.

There is an evidence of this. In west godavari district narsapuram area near to Bay of Bengal. there is an island ‘sambaravi’ named. In this island some details tells us that sambaravi circulates is true. Devil sambarudu is in the time of ‘Sriram’ threthayuga so we can know easily that this temple has a long history life in Indian History.

Generally we see lord Siva as in lingam shape (rupam) or standing or sitting positions. But at yanamadurru temple he is in reverse in position in yoga (dheksha). Head touch to floor and on up, eyes, after chest, stomach, legs, (feet shows up to sky). Without disturbing the yoga of lord Siva, parvathi devi came to here with lord Siva & 3 month’s child as kumara swami with great powers. As she as a pregnancy he didn’t care about herself. (a pregnant lady don’t come out from house up to 6 months)She breaks the rules and came to save people. parvathi devi came here with his 3 months child as kumara swami. Here we can see parvathi devi’s own structure only in this one and only place only.

Yanamadurru “Sri parvathi sametha sri shakthieswara swami temple” is a place of wonders. If we see this place we really surprise we can’t believe it. East direction of the temple we can see a water tank its name is ‘shakthi gundham’. This water only is use to swami to abishekhas and naivedyas. It has a great important story to this ‘shakthi gundham’. Once a time devasthanam want to repair this water tank and prepare to build a wall in around the tank. So they take out off all the water in tank. So no water in this tank. Temple pujari(brahmana) want to prepare naivedyam(food to swami) to swami so he took some other tank water and start to prepare naivedya time is going on but naivedya is not ready. He tried so many times but he failed. After some time he go to‘shakthi gundham’. In water tank there is no water its dung soil (burdha). He collect some dung soil(burdha mati) and make around like a small tank shape make a free space in between in the dung soil (burdha mahti) then after some time some water has came in to free space. He takes the water and use water in naivedya in a short time naivedya is ready. On that onwords only shakthi gundam water is using to naivedya. 

‘shakthi gundham’ water is not an ordinary water. It is the part of ‘kasi ganga’ river. It is clarified by geologists committee of Hyderabad. About this ‘shakthi gundham’ yanamadurru “sri parvathi sametha sri shakthieswara swami temple” is popular as “dhakshina kasi” also…. Here skhethra palakudu is Sri kumara swami it means ‘all in this place (salvation)’. To watch & save this temple in shakthigundham two nag snakes (king cobra) are there up to 2003 march. If we go and see in ‘shakthi gundham’ in bhramma muhurtam (time .00to .00).we can see the two snakes they stand on water and take bath 3 times in opposite direction and they swim around the tank for one time in water. And came near to swami and pray to swami and again go in to tank. For nagula chavithi (snake festival)festival before night these 2 snakes came in to temple and build snake’s houses. in morning lot of people go to temple put some milk in snake houses and do pujas (its really a great thing there is an evidence today also people are there to tell this who are really participate in this festival to tell this . In 1995 in swami’s uthsav (celebrations)one old man unfortunately killed one nag snake. And suddenly he turns into a blind man. Second nag snake was very aged so in 1998 year ending he also died. Present there are two another nag snakes in devasthanam area. There is a special to these two snakes if any people have seen them. They stretch their head (hood) and beat to the floor and die themself. Only this type of snakes are belong to vasuki family’s breed they also do same as when a human being see them. The feel and disappoint and die them self only. By this we can tell these snakes also belong to vasuki family breed. These snakes came to temple on special days and turn around the swami with their body. 

In east direction door of the temple left side corner we can see ‘nandi’ statuette (swamis vehicle) with out front legs. It has a great story. Before British rulers came to India. Turkish came to occupy India. At that time Turkish battalion came to this place and trying to occupy. they surrounded the temple. One king entered into the temple and stands near to nandi to see his sharpness of talwar (big knife). he cut off the nandi (rock statuette) mouth and left leg…... then suddenly a lot of diamonds came out from the body of ‘nandi’ then he think “only in the body of animal this much of diamonds are there….then what is in the swami? (main permid)……” He takes step forward to swami and cut off swami upper part of the statuette…..then suddenly temple roof fell down on the king. King Was died. We can know this by history of temple. We can see the ancient rocks and statuettes build by yama in the back of the temple. After attack of Turkish, temple has fall down. After some years later people build new temple to swami. They move aside old temple part and put it in the back of temple. We can see it in the back of the temple. In the day of karthika purnima karthika joythi (a fire with high bright light) putting on the temple from so many years. in the time of britishers…. mogalturru samsthan maharaj(king) he see joythi of swami every year from his palace(castle) and prays to swami…… 


The great poet ‘maha kavi kalidas’ his book ‘kumara sambavam’ in this book, we can know about yanamadurru shakthieswara swami. He composes nearly 68 slokas (suthii mala) about the greatness of swami. ‘Boja raj’ visits this place and prays to srishakthieswara swami. We can see know this by kumara sambavam in 155 adhyayam 13 svargam. Maha kavi kalidas came and visit swami and pray ‘shakti ardhan’ to swami. We can see this. in this book. 

After killing of ‘devil sambirdu’. parvathi devi told (order) to yama and give graces “who is feeling of death (death fear) or unhealthy and suffering with dangerous diseases…..if they take bath or drink the water of shakthi gundham. They get well soon & feel better & so happy…..It removes all lamentation and gives salvation to even sinners. this water has potency I proclaimed this today on words....”as grace given by parvathi devi to yama. This grace only today also shakthi gundham giving a great power &freeness, working as a medicine to the people. All of the sinful reactions due to wearing ashes and bones will all be destroyed and everything will become auspicious due to by drinking this water. It shall destroy all sin. We will be free from all contaminations.….. In 1909 one kasi pandit came to her with the book “kasi kandham ,kavyalu” written by great poet srinadhad. He read the book in this place and preached to the people about shakthieswara swami. This temple is very ancient than “pancharams skhethras” by this we can know about the greatness of the temple. It’s already clarified by archaeology department. So who were suffering with dangerous diseases unhealthy, physical feeling and fear of death…….etc. once visit swami and take a bath or drink water of shakthi gundham.do pujas and abishekham to swami they definitely feel better. (some people will do after taking a bath and with Wet clothes go back to temple and sleep on the back of temple (pray to lord sive plz excuse our prayer) for one minute and take a walk 3time around the temple and see swami…..) People believe that if we do like this our prayer will done…. Devasthanam do utsvas(celebrations) in special days of swami…..Siva lilas are great. We can’t imagine the greatness & wonders of swami……..om namha sivayya..



JAIN TEMPLE :- Peda Amiram
Peda Amiram Jain Temple is a holy Jain temple not only in Andhra Pradesh, but also in India. This Jain temple is at 5 km's distance from Bhimavaram.
Jain temple's importance: Peda Amiram Jain temple is the temple of first Theerthankara (Jain prophet) Shri "Adinath". Among 24 Theerthankaras. Sri Adinatha's statue is one of the oldest statue, with artistic features have been worshipping by Jains since time immemorial.

It is believed that the Peda Amiram Adinatha's Jain statue is 2500 years old. It come to limelight in Peda Amiram village 135 years back. Adinath Jain's statue at a deep pit in nearly a century and half ago.

Dindi Resort


The Godavari River island enough to support unending acres of coconut groves but small enough to offer you a secluded holiday. Sun streaked riversides, the backbeat of waves striking shore, a musky earthen fragrance, coconut palms gyrating to the breeze off the river.

That Konaseema in season & and off season. A Must visit on the itinerary of every true blue vacationer. A set of breathtakingly picturesque islands floating in a 50 kms. Stretch of river Godavari, Konaseema brings to mind the canvas of a master painter. What better than to cruise down the gently lapping water, to set foot on each of these floating gems, to explore their pristine, almost virgin, beauty first hand? If you have been dreaming about a kerela backwater cruise, we suggest you make your way to konaseema now. 

Andhra Pradesh Tourism makes the Konaseema experience even more memorable with its air conditioned 3 double bedroomed Houseboat Cruises. Now available for private charter are fully furnished boats accommodating upto four adults. Each is equipped with two double bedrooms with attached bathe, and a sit out-cum-dining area on the deck. On board, to attend to your comforts, are trained attendants. If to travel more than 4 members, extra 300 Rs will be charged for each member.The boat can be accomodate nearly 12 members. The cruiser which sets sail at 10 am will take you long the winding tributaries of Godavari - Vynateyam and Vasista. Food is served - breakfast & lunch (veg) on the boat and dinner (non-veg) on an island in typical rustic style. The menu is a compilation of the best of ethnic cuisine fresh vegetarian fare and spicy non vegetarian food to bring you the true taste of Andhra.

The boat will drop anchor at Dindi Resorts (both starting and ending point). From Dindi resorts the cruise sail upstream Rajolu Town and to down stream upto Narsapur town. The tourists can travel in and around nearly 50 K.m. The travelers those who wanted to stay night at boat, for them the boat will be anchored near the resorts. Air conditioned rooms accomodation facility provided only to the travelers those who booked for 24 hours, and stay night at boat. for smooth and comfortable travel, advance booking is must. The very sight of the sun tumbling off the distant horizon, the inky blue sky studded with stars winking audaciously at you, the gentle lap of the water singing you to sleep, and the faint sounds of Nature settling in for the night need more reason to be here? Note : The A.P tourism department is going to construct 33 A.C suite rooms. These may be finished by the month of december.

Route : Bhimavaram - Palacole - Chinchinada Bridge - Dindi Village. (30 to 35 k.m from Bhimavaram to Dindi Resorts. (To Travel by private vehicles is more convenient than to travel by public buses).

Kolleru Lake


Kolleru Bird Sanctuary is one of the best tourist places to visit in Andhra Pradesh. Unfortunately, I had never been there before. One of my friend Pavan who is basically from Elluru, always used to praise this place. I am so impressed with his photos. I will surely gonna visit this place on my next trip to Home.

Kolleru Lake (Telugu: కొల్లేరు సరస్సు) is the largest freshwater lake in India. It is located between Krishna and Godavari delta, Andhra Pradesh, India. Kolleru spans into two districts – Krishna and West Godavari. The lake serves as a natural flood-balancing reservoir for these two rivers. The lake is fed directly by water from the seasonal Budameru and Tammileru streams, and is connected to the Krishna and Godavari systems by over 68 inflowing drains and channels. The lake was an important habitat for an estimated 20 million resident and migratorybirds, including the Grey or Spot-billed Pelican (Pelecanus Philippines). The lake was notified as a wildlife sanctuary in November 1999 under India’s Wildlife Protection Act of 1972, and designated a wetland of international importance in November 2002 under the international Ramsar Convention. The wildlife sanctuary covers an area of 308 km. 

How to reach Kolleru Lake: Eluru is the nearest city to the lake. By Rail : Eluru is one of the important railway station on the Grand Trunk rail line and all the trains will halt at Eluru. By Road : Eluru is an NHS and is about 55 km away from Vijayawada. By Airlines : Nearest airport is at Gannavaram. Eluru is 35 km away from Gannvaram Airport. Air deccan and Kingfisher airlines operatesr regular and daily flights from Hyderabad and Chennai. From Eluru you can visit the sanctuary by car/ jeep and with in the santuary country boats are available on hire.

Best time to visit Kolleru Lake
The best season to visit Lake Kolleru is between November to March . During this time the lake is full with water, can be accessed interior places easily. This season attracts thousands of migratory birds to Kolleru Lake .

Current State of the Lake 
Nothing is permanent – not even the beauty of Kolleru lake. Thousands of fish tanks were dug up which makes the lake into a mere drain. This had a lot of impact in terms of pollution leading to even difficulty in getting drinking water for the local people.

Satellite images taken on February 9, 2001 by the Indian remote sensing satellite found that approximately 42% of the 245 km² lake was occupied by aquaculture, while agriculture had encroached another 8.5%. The area under aquaculture consisted of 1050 fish ponds within the lake and 38 dried-up fish ponds, which together covered an area of 103 km. The agricultural encroachments were mostly rice paddies. Surprisingly no clear water could be found in the satellite image. The rest of the lake is being diminished by water diversions or was infested with weeds like elephant grass and water hyacinth. 

History of Kolleru Lake
Two copper plates of the early Pallava dynasty have been found in the lake, traces its history to Langula Narasimha Deva(Langulya Gajapathi Raju) an Ganga Vanshi Orissa king, (Oddiya/Oriyaraju) . According to legend, the Gajapathi fort was located at Kolleti Kota on one of the eastern islands of the lake. The enemy general “muhammadan” encamped at “Chiguru kota” located on the shores. In some ways, the lake protected the Oriya forces. The enemy finally try to excavated a channel, the modern-day Upputeru, so that the water of the lake would empty into the sea and the level would fall so that they could attack the Gajapathi fort. The royal Oriya army general sacrificed his own daughter to propitiate Gods and ensure his success against Muhammadan and her name was “Perantala Kanama”. Therefore the channel was called Perantala Kanama.Sri Peddinti Ammavari Temple is one of the oldest and famous temples found in kolleru.The Suryavanshi Gajapatis of Orissa, on the height of their power in the 15th century, ruled over a kingdom extending from the Ganges river in the north to the Kaveri in the south under Gajapati Kapilendra Deva. But by the early 16th century, the Gajapatis lost great portions of their southern dominion to Vijayanagar and Golconda.The Gajapatis were a medieval Hindu Suryavamsidynasty of Orissa, parts of Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal. During the glorious reign of Kapilendra deva, the first Suryavamsi Gajapati king,the boundary of the Kalinga empire(Ancient Orissa) was from river Ganges(Hoogly river) in North toKaveri in South and from Amarkantak in West to Bay of Bengal(Kalinga Sagara) in east.